Saturday, September 30, 2006


I am a college professor who was inspired to write this book after viewing documentaries with my students about American interventions which resulted in crimes against humanity. The images of people losing their families and homes drove my decision to expose the lies and atrocities perpetrated by American presidents.

At the same time, I believe that the time is right for this type of book. The Bush administration’s disingenuous justifications for the most recent war against Iraq in 2003 have piqued people’s interest in the subject. My book will grab people’s attention as it exposes the lies which eight presidents told to the American people and Congress since World War II and, more importantly, exposes the war crimes they have committed.

The book describes the pattern of presidential behaviour and strategies common to all these atrocities. Knowledge of this pattern will enable people to recognize plans for future U.S. interventions and will create a balance in people’s understanding of world events. It will also provide people with important truths about American presidents.

Each chapter begins with a narrative describing the history leading up to the war crime and is followed by a comprehensive analysis of the important events, contents of declassified documents, and presidential speeches and diary entries. The analysis leads to the conclusion that each president lied and committed war crimes. Each chapter destroys commonly held myths and introduces new information about the events and people under discussion. For example, the book examines the popular perception that Serbia committed genocide against the people of Sarajevo and brings to light the fact that the allegations are based on selective and false information.